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The Case for Screen Time

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Dear society,

Stop guilting me for allowing my child to watch screens. If you want me to feed my child nutritious food, he will be watching Peppa Pig while I make dinner. Or we can order hamburgers and play with puzzles but then you will call me a bad mom for not meeting his nutritional needs. If you want me to wash my child’s clothes, he will watch Elmo while I run to the machine. Or I can read him a book while he sits in his doo-doo clothes, but you would call me a bad mom for letting my child risk infections. If you want me to be an attentive and alert mom, my child will watch baby shark while I have a cup of coffee in silence and get dressed. Or I can have my coffee while my child wants to touch the hot mug and you would call me reckless for endangering him.

And you know what, if you want my child to have parents who are in a loving relationship, he will occasionally be watching an iPad in a restaurant while his parents enjoy an actual conversation and a warm meal. Or we can alternate eating and chasing our child and come home exhausted and still hungry, and then we take it out on each other in front of our child.

I know I know… screens cause ADD and behavioral problems. I’ve read the articles and felt like a terrible mom. But let me ask you, are you reading this from a screen? Exactly. What are YOU doing to limit your screen time? I bet you’re in front of a screen almost the entire day. What are YOU doing to meet your own educational and developmental needs. Are you going outside to move your body every day? Don’t think so. Here, have another bag of chips while you tune out on Game of Thrones.

Raising kids is a constant picking one of two bad things. I'm doing my best here. When my child watches tv, he watches educational programs and usually in Spanish. When’s the last time you watched something educational? And how is your Spanish? Exactly.

Dear society, I await your apology. In the meantime, back off. I would say it in Spanish but I missed that episode enjoying my morning cup of coffee.


- La mamabogada

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