Hello, I'm the Mamattorney!



My name is Daphne Delvaux. I'm a mama of a two amazing boys. I am also an attorney. I work as a senior trial attorney at Gruenberg Law, the largest and most established employment law firm in San Diego representing only employees.


I'm an advocate for women's rights and specifically moms' rights at work. 


As a working mom myself, I am familiar with the challenges moms face in the workplace.


My son Matteo is three. He's at the peak of the tantrum season and still does not sleep through the night. Luckily for him, he has an adorable little face because I've been close to calling the hospital inquiring about their return policy. All kidding aside, he’s made my heart explode with love, and he’s made me realize how important it is for me to do everything in my power to help other families stand up for their quality time in a production-focused society. Did I mention that I also have a newborn? Lucky for me, Lorenzo has been as chill as the "baby number two" stereotypes go. But he is still a baby, nonetheless, meaning on-demand feeding, lots of workplace pumping, and a sleep schedule that is constantly changing.


As a senior lawyer at Gruenberg Law for many years, I’ve accumulated a track record of standing up to businesses that violate their workers' rights. Josh Gruenberg and I obtained the following unparalleled victories; 

  •   a $1,000,000 result for a pregnancy harassment and pumping case;

  •   a $795,000 result for a pregnancy discrimination and equal pay case;

  •   a $667,000 sexual harassment result against the former Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner;

  •   a $1,200,000 racial discrimination result on behalf of two African-American factory workers;

  •   a $1,500,000 result for a human trafficking case;

  •   a $350,000 result for sexual assault;

  •   a $250,000 result for sexual harassment


In 2016, Josh Gruenberg and I represented a woman in an equal pay jury trial resulting in almost $500,000 in damages and fees. For this trial, I was awarded the Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award, elected by my peers through the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. We currently represent a prominent news anchor in her equal pay case against a news station





Other than my work and my babies, I love to dance. I pride myself on my interpretative rendition of bohemian rhapsody. It's probably the biggest accomplishment of my entire life. I make a lot of stews and would be lost without my instapot. Oh and I have a husband. His name is Dan. If you run into him, please tell him I said hi and that we're out of diapers. As working parents, we don't see each other much. 


Being a working mom is hard. We’re expected to work like we have no kids and to parent like we don’t have work. When Matteo was just a few months old, I succeeded at a three-week jury trial on behalf of a disabled veteran. In between opening argument and examining witnesses, I would sneak into the Judge’s supply closet to express breast milk. My baby was still waking up many times at night and I would rock with him on my chest while reading case law with a flashlight. At all times, I felt like I was either disappointing my baby or my work. I know how it’s like to feel like you’re constantly running behind while you’re doing everything you can to keep the plates spinning. Luckily, the trial ended in a $500,000 result for our client. I learned that I can still do my job as a mom. In fact, I'm more efficient and compassionate than ever. I also learned that becoming a mom gave me superhuman abilities to keep going when you feel like you have nothing left. That being “spread too thin” just means you have to find more jelly. But we can’t do it alone. We need to help each other. And the first step is to find a trusted and professional MamAttorney who has the courage to stand up for you and your family. That’s what I’m here to do. Let’s be brave and show our children that their mamas fight for their rights.

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