Good Morning America News Segment: Mom says she was fired over her kids being heard on conference calls

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Gruenberg Law, Daphne Delvaux '12 Won Record Settlements in Case Against Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner


NBC 7 San Diego News Segment: Mother Fired Because Kids Were Too Noisy During Virtual Meetings: Lawsuit

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Totum Webinar: Covid Laws & Fair Play

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Whole Mamas Podcast: Legal Rights for Working Moms During COVID-19 with Daphne Delvaux

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Mom alleges in lawsuit she was fired for not keeping kids quiet while working from home


Mother claims she was fired because her kids were heard in the background of her conference calls

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Woman Says She Was Fired Because Her Children Disrupted Her Work Calls

San Diego Tribune

National School District failed to properly respond to substantiated claim of sexual harassment, employee says


Having Your Kids On a Work Zoom Is Fine, But This Mom Was Fired For It


Huffington Post France: Licenciée parce qu'en télétravail ses enfants faisaient trop de bruit


Mom's Lawsuit Alleging She Was Fired Over Noisy Kids Has Parents Outraged


We talked to an employment lawyer about ‘mom bias.’ Here’s what she wants you to know.

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A Mom Was Let Go Because Her Manager ‘Didn’t Want to Hear Her Kids in the Background’


A Decade’s Worth of Progress for Working Women Evaporated Overnight

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The 'motherhood penalty' costs working moms $16,000 a year


Having Your Kids On a Work Zoom Is Fine, But This Mom Was Fired For It


This Mom Was Fired While Home-Schooling, So It’s Time to Protect Yourself


HUB Employee in California Suing Firm for Discrimination During Pandemic Lockdown


Lawsuit: Mom working at home fired because boss was upset about kids interfering with work


California mom alleges she was fired for not keeping kids quiet during work calls


Worker Says She Was Fired Over Child Care During Pandemic


Mother fired after allegedly being told to 'keep her kids quiet' on work calls

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