The Mamattorney Saved My Job!!

Beverly C.

Like many working moms, I rely on school for childcare. Once the schools closed due to COVID-19, my heart dropped and I immediately thought about how this would affect me at work. Sure enough, my HR department initially gave me a hard time and told me I would be laid off and my job would not be guaranteed to be there once I went back.


Thank goodness my friend reposted some information The Mamattorney posted and I knew I had to fight for my job and my rights! I wrote HR an email and reached out to The Mamattorney. I was contacted back by my job’s legal department who apologized and reassured me that my job would be there once I go back. NEVER GIVE UP!”

You've Saved Our Family!

April M.

Thanks for all your info as you’ve so far saved our family! Thanks to your help, I’ve been currently home with FT pay from my employer for the past 30days under FFCRA. We have three girls- 2, 5, and 6- with older two homeschooling. I couldn’t do both working FT and homeschooling and diaper changes.

An Advocate For Parents

Jessie M.

Thank you for being an advocate for parents. Thank you so much for the very informative and empowering "Know your rights" webinar. Often working women are afraid to ask for a leave or an accommodation in fear of being seen as unproductive or inflexible. We bear the burden of having to remain productive, even if that means working through the night. You educating us on our rights and helping us educate our employers is truly eye-opening. I am sharing this webinar with many parents.

We Got Partial Paid-Leave Relief

Ali R.

I work full time in senior management in community development finance; my husband does full-time land use law; we have a two-year-old son. Like many others, we are resilient but exhausted. We recently decided that my husband should explore utilizing temporary partial-paid leave relief. I’ve been following @themamattorney and sent the resource library link to my husband, who used the information to prepare for a conversation with HR, prior to a meeting with his boss to make the request. It turned out that he was the first employee at the organization to request it, and they shared appreciation of his knowledge of the topic.


As a result of The Mamattorney’s resources and our due diligence, my husband’s request was approved and effective immediately. As a result of my husband being able to take on more child care right now, I can focus on my work during a critical time, providing subsidized financing for affordable housing and small business. Thank you for your work!

I Got 12 Extra Paid Weeks After Pregnancy!

Adi N.

I want to thank you deeply for all that you do! I was empowered and today I received the yes!!! I will be off for 12 extra paid weeks after a pregnancy disability leave. Then I will take the 12 weeks bonding with baby :) Success!


Asia L.

I am SO THANKFUL I came across your page. I’ve been struggling and discouraged trying to figure out the logistics for the rest of my pregnancy and maternity leave and your posts and articles have been so encouraging. The information you provide is easy to understand and laid out nicely that I finally feel empowered to start planning everything out. Thank you so much for sharing.


Kai W.

"Thank you so much for what you are doing! I don't feel alone at all. You give us the courage to stand up for ourselves as parents and not have to choose between work and our kids. So kindhearted and full of compassion. Forever grateful for helping me and my situation."